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What can you do or see in Seville?

Things to do or to see in Seville?

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Hi, I'm Angela. Originaly from Holland or The Netherlands and the proud owner of Pia Tours Seville. I love to tell you everything what you can do or see during your city trip or visit to beautiful Seville? And if you want to experience and taste Seville as a local? Then I have the best tours for you only from € 19 !

Seville Tours with fluently English speaking guides?

For example we have an unforgettable:

Highlights Bike or Walking Tour
Seville by Night Walking Tour
Authentic Tapas Tour
Memorable Flamenco Show
Adventurous Paddle Boarding
Romantic Boot River Trip

Seville Highlights, sights or sightseeing?

Make your city trip or visit unforgettable and go along the most beautiful highlights, sights and hidden idyllic spots with our enthusiastic fluently English speaking guides. Read here why you have to choose for us?

Seville with children?

Seville is gorgeous, magical, surprising and sparkling! Seville has everything to do and for everyone. For the young and old(er) and is suitable for people with disabilities.


seville rent a bike rental

Rent a bike or bike rental Seville

Did you know that Pia Tours also has a rent a bike service? Robust rental bikes or bicycles that are suitable for the longer North European. We are the cheapest in Seville (only € 10 ! for the whole day)!

Free cancellation and breakdown service

Moreover, cancellation is always possible and free. You also get a unique breakdown service for on the road. For better you can't rent a bike in Seville.

Cycling arround without a guide in Seville

So explore the city at your own pace or continue exploring the city after one of our unforgettable tours.


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Seville Information and Tips

This website is also full of free, useful, tourist information and tips about Seville. Everything you need to make your city trip, or weekend unforgettable and much more!

History of Seville

Seville was founded more than 3,000 years ago and was even at the seaside. According to Greek mythology, the city was founded by Heracles, the son of supreme god Zeus. The large mix of influences from previous residents such as Visigoths, Vandals, Romans, Moors and later the Catholics yield a beautiful city full of culture. Seville has the oldest and largest historic center in Europe. Actually a huge open-air museum with a huge number of sights.


why choose pia tours seville

Why Pia Tours Seville?

Your city trip or visit is limited in time but with our intense tours you can experience Seville to the maximum! With us you experience Seville like a Sevillian. You get plenty of personal attention because:

Small groups (max. 10 people).
• Tours only in English.
• Our tours include a free drink, a souvenir and a city map of seville, unless stated otherwise.


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